About Me...

Well, I'm Tracey Annison, otherwise known as Scorch, and what can I say...?

Where I am

I live in London with Bill, my beloved - we've been together since I was a student, which is over 20 years now.

We have a cute little house in sunny Dagenham, just big enough for us, the motorbikes and our vast personal junk collections. Books, computer stuff, fluffy toys, tools, wood, magazines, electronics gear, more tools & dragons of all sorts (did I mention the books?) make up the vast majority of this clutter! The remainder is composed of stuff even we've forgotten that we've got...
Before that, we lived in Ilford, in East Ham before that, and in Manor Park before that, when I was still a student. I lived in Seven Sisters for a year before that, in my second year as a student, when I first met Bill.
Bill has two motorbikes that we go everywhere on (neither of us ever learned to drive) - a Kawasaki EN500 that we've had (in various incarnations) for more than 13 years, and a Kawasaki VN1500 Classic Fi. Yes, that's 1500cc's. With fuel injection. On a motorcycle! With lots of chrome. And painted red. We defy anyone to say "I didn't see you" now!
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My Family

I grew up in Norwich, Norfolk, with the rest of the Annison Clan. To be specific, the whol family lived in Costessey, a quiet little place just outside Norwich, near the Norfolk Showground.

Mum & Dad are living in Costessey, as ever. Dad's still a great sportsman, although more bowls & golf than table-tennis these days. Mum's still teaching off & on, and makes a few cakes for people, but gave up the fluffy-toy business some time ago for baby-knitting. We don't change much, we Annisons!
Sadly, Grandad Lansdale died in mid-2001, and Nanny followed him in early 2002. Aunty Rosy is well, but has now left Ruskin House for a nice little flat just round the corner from Mum & Dad, where she's happier than I've ever seen her.
Brother Steve got married to Nicola in early 2001, and they live near Diss. They now have a lovely family of three children - Jessica, Matthew and William!
Sister Wendy is also a computer consultant, doing SAP for Halfords in Birmingham.
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Work & such

I'm currently working for TriSystems in the City of London as a Consultant and Trainer on their Jacada project. Bill works for ESG now, maintaining a horde of computers all across London!

Before that, I worked for Jacada Europe for another 6 years as their "European Evangelist" - which is really a kind of technician, trainer & consultant, ie everything I did! While there, I travelled all around Europe & the world, doing consultancy and training for them. And even today, I'm still working with the Jacada software.
Before I joined Jacada, I used to work for Pat Morgan, at The Locum Group. I was their IT department for about 6 years, first in Newbury Park and Leytonstone and then in Ilford.
I came to London as a student, at Queen Mary College in London, and got a BSc in Maths, Physics & Computing. I met Bill while I was a student, and never moved back home again.
I went to Costessey Junior School, then to Wymondham College, both in Norfolk.
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Like the man said, "This is me"... on Flickr! If you remember me from any of these places, do please feel free to contact me and say hello.

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