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Student days

I went to Queen Mary College, on the Mile End Road in London.

And I had a pretty good time there, too. I was a member of the Rock Society, being Treasurer one year and Secretary another. I met my beloved, Bill, there, and made a lot of new friends... most of which I've completely lost touch with! (If you're reading this, and remember me - drop me a line!) Somewhere along the way, I managed to get a BSc degree in Maths, Physics and Computing, too.


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Bill and I as students, at the Rock Soc 'Vicars & Tarts' night - Bill, being Preacher anyway, needed no costume! Me as a student, young & foolish Myself, Andy, Doug & our friend from the USA, on our way to the 60's night at Oscar's
Rock Soc, including (left to right) Dave, Joe & Jan The legendary Colin, in familar pose at the Ruskin Dumpy, shown here without his Rusty Nuts, on (for reasons which escape me) handlebar at a Rock Soc gig.
Bill Scott, Doug and Justin, having a boy's night out at Rock Soc Colin, taking some time off to kick back at Oscar's Justin, half a beat out, at QMC's Rock Soc
Slush, at QMC's Rock Soc Fisher and Jerome, at QMC's Rock Soc QMC's Rock Soc, en masse, including Georgie, Fisher & Justin
The Ruskin Arms - 462 layers of black paint, each one slapped on over peeling posters Andy, Rob, and someone else we don't remember!
Hamish in warlike mood, brandishing my broadsword in ferocious style Fisher, outside QMC, in typical attire Joe Lyons, polishing off lunch
Lel and her brother, at the Ruskin Me, Jan, Colin, Mike, Gary, Dave & Jerome (clockwise from top right) and Bachman Turner Overdrive - Let's Rock! Pete, Jeff, Mike, Doug & Jackie at the Green Man in '89

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If you remember me from any of these places, do please feel free to contact me and say hello.

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