Scorch's Pyrography - Bill and I

Bill and I

I live in Dagenham, London, with my beloved, Bill

We've been together for many years, ever since I was a student. You see Bill here in some typical poses...


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Bill feeding the meerkats at Paradise Park Bill cuddling Timone, a tame meerkat
Bill and I recently, at brother Steve's wedding Bill making friends with Tia the meerkat
Feeding the deer at Prinknash Abbey A meerkat who feels Bill's been neglecting him..
Bill, with birthday cake, many years ago Bill and I as students, at QMC's Rock Soc. An ancient photo!
Bill, in Norfolk, on the EN500 The new VN1500
A new friend... Bill feeding doves at Prinknash Abbey
Here we are at Paradise Park, being eaten by emus

You can also see some of our wildlife and holiday pictures here.

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