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Like what you see?

Although I normally take commissions, rather than sell pre-made items, I do have a few things available for sale.

But I don't have an online shop, or anything like that - I'm just a hobbyist! All my recent work is in the Crafts section of my Flickr page. It's much more up to date than this site is - you'll find all the new items there. If there's something you see that you like, just drop me a line via Flickr or by email and I'll be happy to chat with you about it - no obligation!
Similarly, as personalised, hand-pyrographed items like these make nice gifts, commissioning something is easy! Just contact me and we'll talk about what you want, and take it from there.

Some example prices are below, plus there will be a small P&P charge, as I send everything by First Class Registered Post, but this is not usually a lot of money - just enough to cover the postal charges. Or why not drop in at an event I'm at, and browse or pick up in person?

Where's Scorch?

I attend a few fairs and other events in the London area, so you might find me at an event near you!

Typically, I pack up my little stock of "for-sale" pyro bits into a suitcase, a rucksack and a big bag, and hoof it to interesting events that I can get to on the Tube. Sometimes I have the pyro machine, and at such events I'd be happy to show you how it's done, and personalise suitable items on the spot.
If you come to an event, please do come along and say Hi to me - I'd love to meet you. I'll be easy to find - surrounded by pyrography, and with a "Scorch" badge on!
PF London - Earth Week/Beltane Outdoor Gathering

Sun 25/4/2010
To mark both Earth Week and Beltane, The Pagan Federation London will be holding an afternoon of outdoor celebrations on Saturday April 25th 2010. They say : "PF London will be gathering at Queens Wood in Highgate for its annual Earth Week/Beltane outdoor Ritual on Sunday 25th April from 12 until 6. In addition to the usual social picnicking, the Friends of Queens Wood have very kindly agreed to lead a guided walk through the wood at 3.30pm. There will be an attunement and a ritual performed by Pagan pathfinders, and a 1/2 hour drumming session (as agreed with local residents) from approximately 5 pm. This is a free event, but we've had to book the woods with Haringey council (at a cost), so donations would be most welcome. It is possible there may be a pond planting activity run by the Friends of Queens Wood too. So, if you'd like to volunteer for that, please come appropriately dressed."
This is held in the glade in Queen’s Wood, on Queen’s Wood Road, Highgate, North London. (Nearest tube is Highgate, for directions to the woodlands you'll probably find people in The Woodman's pub from about 12noon) Please do bear in mind that this is a CLEARING IN A WOOD - come dressed for that, and remember that there are no facilities of any kind. (but lots of convenient bushes!) This is a free event (though donations towards the costs are welcome) that everyone is welcome to attend - bring picnic food and drink to share, an open mind and a friendly attitude. These are usually very positive, uplifting events, full of creative energy and good feeling.
As these lovely people allow me and fellow pagan & pagan-friendly handcrafters to bring along our work and sell it informally from a blanket on the ground, then if the weather is fine (rain's not so good for my crafts), I'll probably be there with a picnic and a blanket's-worth of portable pyro. Come and say hi and share my snackies!
Colchester Oyster Fayre

Sat 5/6/2010 and Sun 6/6/2010
The Colchester Oyster Fayre will be held on June 5th and 6th 2010, on the grounds of Colchester Castle. It's a grand medieval event, with swordfighting and archery tournaments, historic living and crafts demonstrations, plus a wonderful fayre with all sorts of authentic traders selling handmade goods, plus the materials to make such items, as well as a few less authentic traders like myself. And lots of lovely food and drink, including the best ice-cream for miles, venison-inna-bun, an excellent real beertent, a proper hogroast and, of course, oysters!
Both me, Scorch, and sister Singe will be there, with two tables stuffed full of pyrographed goodies - the full rig! I'll also have the pyrography machine there with me, so I can show you how it's done, and even personalise some of my items on the spot for you, too. Annie the Pedlar is sure to be there too, as will the leather man, the jerky man, Bernie the Bolt and even the gingerbread lady... and mead, lovely lovely mead!
There's loads to see & do, for children as well as adults, and a great day out... Very picturesque, too - "Look, Mummy, it's Narnia!" I heard one little girl say, as they came into the park! There's some photos of this event here.
PF London Convention - Wyrd-i

Sun 27/6/2010
The Pagan Federation London's annual convention is a lively event, held at the University of London Union in Malet Street. This year's event will be on Sunday June 27th 2010, and promises to be great fun, with talks of all sorts.
I'll have a stall there with the pagan pyrography, as part of the bustling market rooms. They're full of all kinds of trader folk selling all manner of interesting goods - I bought the most beautiful cards and prints last year, and some gorgeous jewellery. Hedingham Fair are sure to be there, as well as at the Oyster Fayre, and they have some really lovely things...
Charge Of the Goddess Conference - A Day for Gerald

Sun 12/9/2010
The 2010 Charge Of the Goddess Conference will be held on Sunday Sept 12th 2010, in the Conway Hall in Central London. This is an annual event, run by The Centre for Pagan Studies, which this year celebrates the life of Gerald Gardner, and promises some most enlightening talks from well-respected and knowledgeable speakers including Lois Bourne, Zach Cox, Philip Heselton, Professor Ronald Hutton & Fred Lamond.
There is also a fascinating pagan marketplace full of occult and other items that you simply can't buy in the shops - including me, with the Scorch's Pyrography stall. I'm certain that you'll find Maria of Liminal Threads there too.
Note that tickets to the event are limited, and sold out last year, so do book tickets early...
Alternative Bring and Buy Sale

Occasional Sundays!
I attend quite a few of the Alternative Bring and Buy Sales, held on occasional Sundays in Tufnell Park, London. They're an eclectic mix of goth and alternative clothes, books, jewellery, crafts, music... everything and anything out of the ordinary. I've bought books, beads, bracelets, brooches and a ballgown there! And seen brilliant basques, belts and boots too... :)
The entrance fee is a massively cheap 50p, it's packed solid with stalls of all sorts, and a really friendly crowd of people. Plus there's a resident DJ and a bar, and even a wandering muffin-seller too.
As I write, the last one was March 7th 2010, but they're held every few months, so do check their site for details of the next one! There's some photos of this event here.

Typical Prices

Well, it all depends on what item you'd like, and what design you'd like on it!

Designs can be anything from those shown on the website, or pretty much anything specified by yourself that I can draw or find the design for! And I can put that design on anything within reason that I can find that's suitable for pyrography - raw, unfinished wood or veg-tanned leather. There are lots of pyrography blanks out there, and lots of other items too! That's why the prices shown here are so variable - it all depends on what you'd like...
Spoons & Spatulas These are all food-safe, and have their designs burned in extra deeply for longevity. Even so, they won't survive a dishwasher! They're usually £4 each, but extra=detailed designs would be £5 or maybe a bit more.
Boxes I can get boxes in two sorts - whitewood and hardwood (sycamore or lime). The lime boxes have hinged lids, and the sycamore ones lift-off lids - these are typically more expensive, but are beautifully made and can take the most detailed pyrography work. The ultra-light whitewood boxes are considerably cheaper, though, and come in much larger sizes - some with hinged lids and some with lift-off lids. They can cost anywhere between £20 to £65 each.
Pocket Altars These range from £22 for a simple unpainted option up to £ for a painted design. These can be commissioned with extra tokens, and to your own design - I would only post images with your consent..
Leather keyfobs & tags Cut from veg-tanned leather, these vary widely in size, shape and type of leather, so range in price from just 50p up to £5.
Plaques These can range in size from 4" up to a foot or more, and from the simplest of designs to the most detailed and complex - so there's a huge price range here, from £6 up to £60 or more! As an example, a 7" beechwood "Here be Dragons" plaque is £12, and a 5" detailed "I believe in Faeries" plaque is £15.
Wooden Books Wooden books with brass kinges and bookbinders brass fittings, these are ideal for photographs, wedding albums, baby books and journals, as well as making perfect Books of Shadows, especially as the pages can be rearranged at will. These are cut to order, and assembled by myself, and can have any design you wish on them. They take pretty much any amount (up to 2" in depth) of standard UK A4 punched paper, and take a LONG while to amke due to their size and the amount of work in assembling them. Because of this, they range in price from £40 to £70 or more £15.
Wooden keyrings Ranging in size from 2" up to 3" or larger, these typically range from £4 up to £9 single-sided, or up to £14 with designs on both sides.
Hairclips & Cloak clips Hand-cut from heavyweight veg-tanned leather and supplied with wooden pins to suit, these typically range from £8 to £15 in price.
Bowls, Plates and Goblets The availability of these depends entirely on what I can find - they're hard to locate! I usually have one or two around the place, and can sometimes commission them to be made to order, but they range in price from £20 to £55 or more.
Bookmarks Cut from thin, lightweight veg-tanned leather, these typically range from £2 to £5 in price.
Altars Altarplates can range in size from just 4" across up to 11" or more on size, and in price from £20 to £40. As an example, a simple breadboard-style pentacle altar would cost £20, one entwined with simple ivy £30, and one with fully-detailed painted ivy and moons £45 or more. I will undertake to make altars to your own design, and would only post images with your consent.
Everything else! There's just SO many things I have and can make... bangles, badges, brushes & mirrors, belt fittings, runes & runesticks, bracers, pendants & earrings, totem sticks, wristbands, miniatures, glasses-cases, wallets & purses, drinking-horn fittings, necklaces & chokers, and so on... too many to list prices for! Just ask me about what you'd like, and I'll be happy to give you a price or price range...
If you're interested, please do just drop me a line with some details, and I'd be happy to draw up some designs for you, with no obligation at all!

Please feel free to contact me to discuss anything you would like to buy or commission.

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